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Regulatory Compliance For All Your Food, Supplement, Drug and Cosmetic Needs

complete compliance for beverages and foods

Food & Beverages
The ever-changing landscape of food and beverage regulations and litigation makes it more important than ever to have regulatory experts protecting your brand.


regulatory compliance on all dietary supplements

Dietary Supplements
Whether your company is new or has been in the industry for 30 years, our team can assist you with ensuring regulatory compliance from formulation to distribution and sale.


full cgmp compliance for all cosmetics and skincare

Cosmetics / Skin Care
Many companies don’t realize the fine line between drugs and cosmetics. Our team can help you navigate the muddy waters and help guarantee compliance.


over-the-counter drugs regulatory compliance

Over The Counter Drugs
OTC drug regulations can be overwhelming, but our team of experienced experts can help ensure you understand the rules and achieve compliance, all while reaching your go to market goals.


Regulatry Expertise You Can Count On

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the challenges of regulatory compliance. Many companies don’t know where to begin or how to find an expert to help them understand the rules or risks. Carter Regulatory Group is a team of regulatory experts, former FDA officers, scientists, and consultants that provide creative, practical and comprehensive regulatory solutions, with a focus on integrity and advocacy. We guarantee an affordable, effective, and knowledgeable regulatory partnership for you and your business.

FSMA Food and Beverage Reviews

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Cory Carter | Founder | CEO

Cory Carter
Founder / CEO


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