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My product is held up at the border?????
Published on October 17, 2017
J. Brent Carter
Business Development

One of the challenges of running a business with products produced for international markets, is assuring your products will make it to their destination for distribution. Hours of planning, scheduling, paper work, finding importers, shipping, and regulations….it never ends. Once your product leaves your location the finger crossing begins. Will it clear customs, will it clear regulators, suppose their is an issue? Who are you going to call? You can give ghost busters a try but, they won’t help. I have it, give the Carter Regulatory Group a call. Let us deal with the stress, the headaches, the regulatory officers, governments and others.

Each and every country have their own guidelines. Your expertise is your product, our expertise is the regulatory and registration work. We indeed would like to become a part of your team.

In the meantime, maybe you could use some assistance with food safety, cGMP, FSMA, SOP technical writing, manufacture audits. You guessed it, the sales guy would like to speak to you.

Give the Carter Regulatory group a call, send an email or text your questions, try us on twitter @regminds. Let us help with any FDA compliance questions, 483 Responses, or those dreaded warning letters.